What patients say about our clinic.


“I am very grateful to have Omaha Health Therapy Center to help me with staying healthy with regular maintenance using IV therapy and even a few other treatments like prolozone injections. The staff is Great and comradery with other patients is something to look forward to. Love it!!! Thanks” ~Joe M.

“I started going to Sarah, first with my daughter who at the time was struggling with the aftermath of lymes disease. I could see the wonderful progress my daughter was making so I decided it was my turn.
My first new patient appointment along with my husband was so comfortable, Sarah is so easy to talk to and she knows just the right questions to ask. I appreciate her knowledge of women’s health and knowing just what testing needs to be done without wasting time or money. I have went to many medical doctors and have had blood tests, only to have the doctor come back to me and say “your glucose is high, you need metformin”. I do appreciate all doctors and know each and every one of them are here to help in some way. But with that being said, I do not feel you need a medication for every single number being off a point or two. I educated myself, my glucose was not bad at all, 103. The doctor never told me that she would like for me to recheck that number to find the average between the two. Coming to Sarah was nothing like this. She knew what to do right off the bat and knew how to fix and tweak everything going on with me. Come to find out my thyroid numbers are within range BUT they are either on the high end or the low end, so we are addressing this now, and not five years down the road when I would start experiencing any issues with the thyroid. I also was able to get the prolozone shots in my sinus’ and wow, what an improvement. I can breathe!!! I did not even realize how bad my sinuses were before until the shot. It took about a day to really take effect, but what a difference, I wake up and no congestion.
I also do thermography and my report showed I have an issue in my lower jaw. The doctors that read my report feel it is an issue from previous dental work. When trying to figure out where to go to get help, my only hope was a 3D dentist in Minneapolis. I did my research and found this doctor also does the ozone shots, so I figured why travel? I have what I need right here at home and with someone I can trust! And guess what it does not even hurt, Sarah is so gentle and does her best to make it as comfortable as she can. I am a whimp and truly it is not bad at all!!
I also love the fact Sarah addresses each part of my health and well-being now and my future issues that could arise. She knows the supplements needed and is straight forward. I can understand the honest truth and not any medical terminology. The IV nutrition, chelation, and ozone are such a great addition to my health plan moving forward.
My husband also received the very best care, Sarah is tweaking a few dietary changes with in his eating habits and providing him with the supplements he is deficient in as well. Without Sarah I am confident we would be struggling in our aging years. As I visited with my husband since our first appointment and being on our suggested supplements and dietary changes, we both truly feel 5 years younger and have not been sick what so ever. We both have energy and no more sluggish feelings.
Thank you to Sarah and the wonderful team at Omaha Health Therapy Center, you’re truly the very best!! 5 stars for sure!! May God bless you all!” ~ LB





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